Unless you are used to the sport, spotting the teams who are likely to get wild cards into the NBA Championship is a complicated process, and choosing a wild card championship winner is even a huge challenge for basketball professional betters, so to avoid the danger of running before we can walk, let’s take a look at how wild cards are selected.

A wild card team is a non-winner of the subdivision or conference which still qualifies for the playoffs. However in the NBA championship it is a little different. Although it works in a similar manner, the NBA doesn’t call such teams wild cards. Instead they are referred to as their conference seeding position which is determined according to their performance in the regular season. The champions are those that are seeded from one through three, and the five wild cards are seeded four to eight. The first four seeds get a home advantage at the start of the play-offs.

So betting on a wild card team to win the NBA Championship is a very difficult bet, however it can be a very lucrative one, with odds as high as 60/1 to 100/1. Naturally with odds such as those you might bet on several teams. If that is too much for you, then there are some excellent basketball themed betting games available at any online casino, and one in particular that is attracting fans is Slam Dunk. This is a rapid action slot game that can be found at places like iPadcasino.ca with a definite retro style that can take you back to the US of the fifties and the days when fries and ketchup and hamburgers went hand in hand with the sport. There are some great jackpots too.