Honus "The Dude" Sneed comes down from the mountain (and off his mountain bike) to share his thoughts on Big 12 expansion rumors and the status of Clemson and FSU. 

I am not a gullible person. I don’t jump to conclusions, and I most certainly don’t like being accused of not having standards by “credible” journalists who react based on their opinion rather than any investigative effort.

So, not being a masochist, I was very hesitant to write about Big 12 expansion rumors again until I saw Tweets earlier today by a certain ACC apologists that made my blood boil.

But before I “spill my beans” I want to give you the same warning I was given by my friend at WVU.

Realignment talks take place in the dark. They are sensitive and can fall apart at anytime and all the parties involved will deny their involvement.

“Write about it at your own risk” he said.

Risk indeed.

Remember that as you read what’s below. It’s true right now, May 4th, 2012 as I write it, but it may not be true tomorrow.

Clemson and FSU have an agreement in principal to withdraw from the ACC and compete in the Big 12 starting in 2013.

The announcement will come shortly after the new BCS 4+1 playoff system is ratified.

The deal to leave the basketball rich ACC is dependent upon the BCS playoff system. If the BCS playoff system changes, and somehow the ACC has an easier path to the playoff, then both Clemson and FSU can rethink their decision.

However don’t bet on that happening.

The gap in conference revenues between the Big 12 and the ACC, coupled with the new BCS plan, and the monetary problems of the FSU program make this move a financial necessity.

If you have trouble understanding why Clemson and FSU would consider bolting the ACC remember tt’s all about money in modern college football.

Money to compete with their in-state and neighboring SEC rivals. Money to stay competitive in facilities and coaches salaries, and the money that comes from a big 12 championship game backed by Jerry Jones.

There’s also this little thing about wanting to win a national championship.

If you would try and GPS the route the road to the national championship of college football you would see it runs through the SEC, Big 12,  and the Pac 12  but doesn’t seem to have any onramps from tobacco road.

And that’s really not even open to debate as even wise sages and renowned ACC apologists admit the Big 12 is by far the better football league.

Add all that up and draw your own conclusions.

The question is will the Big 12 stop at 12 or go on? Bet on 14 being the final number with the leading candidates being Louisville, Cincinnati, BYU, Maryland and even lowly Pittsburgh.

The question is how would each of those teams add value to the TV contract and RPI of the league?

But that is for another post, right now I’m off to see the Avengers!