Honus Sneed breaks training to update us on Big 12 Expansion



A few weeks ago I was prepared to post an update on Big 12 expansion. I had the story written and had ran it by my WVU “source” who confirmed the details and gave his endorsement.

It was all set to go, but the night the story was to be posted my friend at WVU sent me an email asking that I hold off releasing the update.

He still hasn’t given me permission to post THAT story but I can provide a few details that, while not new, go a long way to paint a clearer picture of what’s happening.

Clemson and FSU are still talking the Big 12.

ACC apologist Chad Scott argues that the ACC is more stable and just as profitable as the Big 12 and therefore no ACC school would ever consider leaving for Big 12 membership.

Mr. Scott freely admits the Big 12 is the superior football conference (but who could argue differently) but disagrees that the conference is poised to reach Big 10 or SEC  money when the new television deal is worked out and without the dollars there isn’t any incentive for any ACC team to jump ship.

My friend at WVU believes otherwise. He asserts that the Big 12 is in line to receive television money in the “same ballpark” as the Big 10 and SEC.

“The dollars will be there to make a move attractive.” He told me just last week.

Yet I’m told that Clemson sees other reasons to consider a move. Reasons having a lot more to do with the culture of football and the desire to compete at the highest level possible on the gridiron.

Stability is a concern with both Clemson and FSU and both have been assured the Big 12 is as stable as any other conference.

Privately I’m told the same. Texas is committed to the Big 12 and whatever academic lust motivated Oklahoma to flirt with the Pac 12 has died with the realization that the Pac 12 doesn’t want Oklahoma State and isn’t keen about the ROI of two powerhouse football programs with a medium to small TV market.

Clemson and FSU have all the financial projections and mock schedules and they are looking closely at the value of a move and what it would cost them to make the jump.  Both are waiting to see who is named the Big 12’s new commissioner before further consideration.

They need to see the Big 12 make a bold move and select a bold commissioner who lead them to the promised land of TV deals and ensure the conference’s long term stability.

And if that doesn’t happen there is no way in Dallas they make a move.


The Louisville Cardinals are a slam-dunk sure thing future member of the Big 12. The same can almost be said for BYU.  But the Big 12 will wait for Clemson, FSU and a few other ACC schools to decide before extending a formal invitation to  Louisville and BYU.

The Big 12 has both Louisville and BYU’s applications for membership in-house.